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Mulligan Rubber Tees

 Through our years of experience in the golf industry we have come to realize, that with the vast variety of golf courses and driving ranges, some people like the aesthetics of the white Dura tees and some like the tapered fit of the standard tee. We now provide all types and styles and tees can be purchased from one central location.

Dura Rubber Tees:  Color: White  

Designed to fit all commercial driving range mats. The white color is attractive in the green mats and can be seen at night. These tees are available in SEVEN sizes:

Size: 1-1/2"  DRT115    Size: 2"       DRT120        Size: 2-1/2" DRT125    Size: 3" DRT130

Size: 1-3/4"  DRT117    Size: 2-1/4" DRT122        Size: 2-3/4" DRT127  

Wooden Tee Holder:  Color: White 

This tee allows a regular or plastic tee to sit down in it so you can adjust it to your height. These tees are available in FOUR sizes:

Size: 1"         ATH100    Size: 1-1/2"  CTH115

Size: 1-1/4"   ATH122    Size: 2"        CTH200

Standard Rubber Tees:  Color: White

A tapered tee fits all driving range mats and is now available in two taller sizes!These tees are available in SEVEN sizes:

Size: 1-3/4" SRT134   Size: 2-1/4"   SRT214     Size: 3"       SRT300     Size: 3-1/2 SRT325

Size: 2"       SRT200   Size: 2-5/8"   SRT258     Size: 3-1/4" SRT322

                           Thank you for your interest in our tees.