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From: Mulligan Golf Mfg, Inc.

We are one of the largest rubber tee producers in the world. We’d like to introduce to you our lines of rubber tees; Dura, Standard & Wooden Tee Holders. Our tees offer a choice of narrow or tapered cylinders for an easy fit through the holes of all styles of mats. When mats become worn, the hole may enlarge due to wear, tear, rain, and dampness. All of the tees have a wide base to prevent pulling through the holes in the mat, no matter how worn they become. For ease and comfort on the golfer’s wrist the tees are extremely soft and flexible.

We have a strong presence in the United States and Canada and are currently growing in European market.

The tees can be seen at night, and are very attractive in the green mats because of their brilliant white color. Our rubber tee will be a “good investment in your image” and will add to the quality of your products and catalog.

Mulligan Golf tees are produced in the United States they are always in stock and ship within two to four business days after receiving your purchase order.

Our tees are made with non-toxic products and are environmentally friendly. The tees will not harm animals or humans. This is of tremendous importance to range and golf course owners.

An extremely high percentage of the golf industry, worldwide, use our products. You will NOT be disappointed! Your customers will love these tees!

In addition to selling rubber tees we also have plastic golf tubes used in golf bags and display cases.